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Firearms Law

 Firearms Law

NFA Trusts

An NFA Trust is a method of owning Title II firearms that provides more legal protection than individual ownership. Created pursuant to the National Firearms Act, an NFA Trust is commonly drafted as a revocable living trust for the limited purpose of holding title to Title II personal firearms and weapons.

NFA Trusts are commonly used for ownership of federally regulated firearms, also known as Title II, Class 3, or NFA firearms. Title II firearms include short-barreled rifles and shotguns, silencers (suppressors), machine guns, destructive devices, etc.

There are several important benefits to using an NFA Trust:

  • Simpler registration and transfer process, eliminating the need to submit a fingerprint card and photograph, submit to a background check, and get approval from the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Prevents accidental felonies that can arise from possessing or receiving an NFA firearm transferred in violation of NFA regulations.
  • Expands the list of eligible persons who may handle or transport an NFA firearm.
  • Improves privacy since a person can purchase an NFA firearm without identifying himself to local law enforcement. 
  • Eases the process of passing your Title II firearms to your heirs.

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