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Archive for September 2013

The Politics of Self-Defense

By now, nearly everyone in United States has come to know the name George Zimmerman. To say that he is famous is to ignore the meaning of the word infamy. The other person inextricably linked to Zimmerman’s name is Trayvon Martin. Just who is viewed as the […]

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Less-Lethal Force

Many people are apprehensive about the concept of carrying a loaded firearm concealed. They do, however, understand that the world can be a savage place, including bad guys who actively seek victims to prey upon. Despite this knowledge, they are just not quite ready to take the […]

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How Do Recent Executive Orders Affect NFA Trusts?

On Thursday, August 29, 2013, President Barack Obama passed two more executive orders which will adversely affect law-abiding gun owners. Exactly how, and exactly when, remain to be seen. The first of these two orders is probably the one that will affect gun owners the least, though […]

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