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RULE 41F – Are NFA Trusts a Thing of the Past?

RULE 41F Are NFA Trusts a Thing of the Past? Not so fast…… On July 13, 2016, President Barack Obama’s executive order (known as “Rule 41F”) went into effect. This order mandates certain modifications in the manner in which transfers of Title 2 (often referred to as […]

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How Do Recent Executive Orders Affect NFA Trusts?

On Thursday, August 29, 2013, President Barack Obama passed two more executive orders which will adversely affect law-abiding gun owners. Exactly how, and exactly when, remain to be seen. The first of these two orders is probably the one that will affect gun owners the least, though […]

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Securing Your Guns

WEAPONS SECURITY There is a inherent tension, sometimes obvious only to those who have utilized seven years of their life to destroy all rational thought, otherwise known as attorneys. keeping a firearm secure and safe from unauthorized users, while at the same time allowing it be presented […]

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