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How To Help Your Attorney Reduce Your Fees

It is the practice of our firm to provide you with excellent service while keeping your fees as low as possible.  Litigation is expensive.  We wanted to give you a few helpful hints in ways you can “help us to help you” and in doing so, reducing the fees you pay.

  • In cases of divorce, review the list of mandatory Rule 49 disclosures provided to you on your first appointment.  As we must provide these documents to opposing counsel, you can begin to gather these documents, organize the documents by date, make sure you have the complete document, make the copies necessary and deliver the documents to us in a timely fashion.  By doing so, you save your legal team time in organizing, making copies and (often) calling you to remind you they are due.
  • In personal injury cases, any medical records or police records you gather on your own reduces the expense we must pass on to you.  A doctor’s office is more apt to provide you a copy of your records for free — they nearly always charge an attorney’s office a hefty processing processing fee plus copy charges.
  • Utilize the time of your attorney and his legal team best, and cut down on bills for multiple phone calls by gathering your general questions and either email them in one email or save them for your next appointment with our office.  Do not hesitate to ask questions in cases of emergency.  We are here to support you through a difficult time.
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