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Personal Injury and the “Spartan Mindset”

Personal Injury and the “Spartan Mindset”

I am proud that many of the people with whom I associate, and, who refer clients to me, are not “whiners.” People being as they are, we often associate with other like- minded people and, as a result, most of my clients are not “whiners” either.  This can make my job as a personal injury attorney much more pleasant.  After all, we’ve all had “that client” or “that friend” who calls three times per day to relate in detail their latest ailment, which no other human being has ever had to suffer before them. It can wear you out.

Conversely, however, there is another client that causes less predictable problems—”The Spartan.” This person will not go to the doctor unless their own arterial spray is making it hard to drive to work. And then maybe an aspirin. They don’t want to be seen, by others or by themselves, as someone who is “faking it,” or “doing it for the money.” God bless them for their stoicism—but it is not a good thing in this setting.

The Spartan needs to understand that the person who injured them has an insurance company that is delighted with their courage and strength—which cannot and will not be provable in the subsequent personal injury case or claim.  A lack of treatment becomes a lack of provable injury in the eyes of an insurance adjuster—and, in the parameters of a personal injury claim—they’re right.

Hire a reputable attorney who does NOT play doctor. Any attorney who encourages a client to fake or exacerbate an injury is committing a crime and should lose their license to practice law. Make sure they are reputable and then follow their advice—give your equally reputable physician a chance to make you feel better.  Lying on your couch at home following an injury caused by another’s negligence and not seeking appropriate medical treatment doesn’t make you tough—it makes you a chump. Who are you trying to impress? If you can’t work and you don’t have appropriate medical documentation to explain why you can’t, good luck getting your boss and the mortgage company to appreciate your Spartan toughness.

At the end of the day, the best attorney in the world merely helps you to help yourself. It takes two people (you and your attorney) pulling on the rope to fight the two battles being fought here—the first, medically, against your injuries, and the second, legally, against the insurance company. The medical battle is by far the most important, with the longest-lasting consequences, but the legal battle is already lost if the medical battle is not fought, ethically and appropriately, first.

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